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The aim of this page is to profile the staff of Boston Grammar School, past and present. If you have information about any of the staff of the type recorded here, then please send it to the email address at the bottom of this page.

The details on these pages include some items which could be considered offensive if taken out of context. Nicknames shown are those which were in common use and are provided in order to help the identification of the people concerned. Remember that these names were devised by 11-18 year old boys, and may in some cases be less than flattering. Anecdotes quoted on these pages reflect the views and memories of their respective authors; their presence here does not indicate endorsement of the views expressed by the Web master, by the Old Bostonian Association, or by Boston Grammar School. If you are offended by anything written about you or your family members, please email the address at the bottom of this pages, and appropriate amendments will be made.

Haden, William Demmery - BGS 1933-1935

Before BGS - BA, Wadham, Oxford

Hall, Basil Kennedy Boyfield - BGS 1928-1931

Before BGS - MA, Queen's, Oxford

Hamer, Richard - BGS ?-?

Position - Fourth Master (1871)

While at BGS - Married Clara Louisa Pattenden

After BGS - Curate of Yiewsley, Middlesex (1875); Silk Willoughby, Lincolnshire (1876); Knipton, Leicestershire (1876-1881); Vicar of Granby Nottinghamshire (1881-after 1891); remarried Anna after death of Clara; died 29 April 1922 Lonsdale, Craneswater Park, Southsea, Hampshire; two daughters and three sons

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Hanna, Soliman - BGS 1982-1984

Before BGS - Alexandria University, Egypt; Chelsea College, London

Hardcastle, William - BGS 1592-1595

While at BGS - Appointed 15 December 1592

Harel, Joseph Lucien Henri Pascal - BGS 1906-1910

Before BGS - Baccalaureat-ès-lettres, Caen, France

Harrys, James - BGS 1586-1592

While at BGS - Appointed 18 October 1586

Haslam, Edward Brook - BGS 1946-1949


Subject - English

Before BGS - BA, St Catherine's, Cambridge; Infantry Officer WWII


After BGS - RAF education officer; Retired 1970; head of RAF Air Historical Branch; wrote "History of RAF Cranwell" (published 1982)

Haworth, Lt. Col. Norman Owen - BGS 1955-1978


Nickname - Spiny (Norman)

Subject - Mathematics

Before BGS - Educated at Burnley Grammar School (1932-1937); TC,Borough Road College, Isleworth; BSc, London; Major with GHQ 21st Army Group (present at Luneberg Heath when Field Marshall Montgomery accepted the German Surrender); taught at Greaves' County Secondary School, Lancaster

While at BGS - CCF (Army Section) and Contingent Commander; He was previously "Major NO Haworth"; Boston Borough Councillor (5 years); Secretary of the Ratepayers' Association; President of Royal British Legion, Boston Branch; husband of Margaret Haworth, Boston's first lady Mayor; died 1978

Hecker, William Rundle - BGS 1924-1925

Before BGS - BSc, King's, London

Heilemann, W - BGS ?-?

Before BGS - Tübingen

While at BGS - It is assumed that he was the German Assistent in 1971/2

Hill, Arthur - BGS 1887-1929


Nickname - Cocles

Position - Second Master

Subject - Mathematics, Classics

Hinchliffe, G J (Miss) - BGS 1985-1986

Subject - Latin and Classical Civilisation

Before BGS - One year at Northern Middle School

At BGS - cover for Ron Abbott who was on a year's secondment

After BGS - Head of Classics at a girls' school in South East London, becoming Head of Year in 1996; also gained an MA in 1996; in July 2001 joined British Airways as cabin crew.

Hipwell, "Ted" - BGS 1976-1977

While at BGS - A one year exchange with Andrew Bell, Ted Hipwell came from Toronto, Canada; his son Michael attended the school and was in the form 1S.

Hoare, Thomas - BGS ?-?

Hole, Ernest George - BGS 1916-1918

Before BGS - BSc, Birmingham

Holtam, Richard Christopher - BGS 1970-?


Nickname - RC, Dicky, Dave, Hicky Doltam

Position - Head of History from 1974

Subject - History

Before BGS - Educated at Trowbridge Boys' High School (1956-1963); BA (Hons), Goldsmiths' College, London; MSc(Econ), PGTC, London School of Economics

While at BGS - National Savings, Angling Club

Homer, Thomas - BGS 1825-1850

Position - Headmaster

While at BGS - Appointed 6 July 1825

Hotsch, Louis - BGS ?-?

Subject - French, German, Drawing

Howard, G.T. Vernon - BGS 1861-?

Subject - Art

Howse, Francis Robert - BGS 1919-1949


Nickname - Froggy

Subject - French

Before BGS - BA, London

Before BGS - Educated St Paul's School; medical school at St Mary's Hospital, London; Amateur international footballer, played for England (Centre-Forward); BA London; taught at Rio de Janeiro School of Languages; WWI Captain Green Howards.

While at BGS - Due for retirement at the outbreak of war, he was persuaded to stay on during the conflict

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Hughes, Arnold Wynne - BGS 1961-1964

Subject - Biology

Before BGS - BA, Durham

Hughes, Mrs - BGS ?

At BGS - Wife of Timothy John Hughes, she acted as a supply teacher

Hughes, Timothy John - BGS 1966-1970

Position - Head of Divinity

Subject - Religious Education and Physical Education

Before BGS - BA (Hons), Durham

While at BGS - Cricket

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Hunt, David James - BGS 1880-?

Position - Fourth Master

Huston, Patrick John - BGS 1973-?

Nickname - Pat, Melvyn

Subject - Biology

Before BGS - BSc, London; ARCS

Hutchins, Philip John - BGS 1975-?

Nickname - Roscoe

Subject - Chemistry

Before BGS - BSc, London

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