Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston is a market town in Lincolnshire, England (after which Boston, MA, USA was named).

Boston's most noticeable feature is St. Botolph's church, the tower of which is know as "The Stump". "The Stump" is 272 ft 6 in high and used to be used as a beacon for sailors navigating in "The Wash".

In 1630 the Arbella, the lead ship of John Winthrop's great fleet set sail from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. (Winthrop had been invited by people from southeast Lincolnshire to be their leader). Prominent men (and women) had become members of the Revd. John Cotton's congregation at the Stump. It was Boston men who, along with Winthrop, decided to call their settlement, Boston in honour of John Cotton. Cotton himself, and more of his congregation, followed in 1633 and other prominent people in 1634.

The Pilgrim Fathers passed through Boston. They were imprisoned in the Guildhall and, after being released, they set sail, but not heading for the New World, but just across the North Sea to Holland. There is memorial to the Pilgrim Fathers at the Scalp (pronounced "Scawp"). A year later they successfully reached Holland, leaving England from the Humber. In 1620 they finally sailed from Plymouth, England, founding Plymouth in what is now Massachusetts.

Boston has quite a number of famous sons and daughters. Here are some of them (may those who I have missed pardon me):

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